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The best way to attract customers to a business is by making them feel comfortable. The same logic applies to a taxi business. If your taxi business needs to gather more customers, the taxi app must be passenger-friendly.

Online Travel Solutions Software

October 6, 2016
TaxiOnTheGo, relatively a new product of 2Base Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which developed in 2016, is offering online software solutions for the drivers as well as the riders to maintain a long-term relationship between them. They possess great knowledge and the required skills to use or optimize the IT solutions for taxis of all sizes for traveling both locally and outstation. A great way for your business to generate huge revenue and achieve great heights and in the process increase the number of customers is to go for readymade online travel solutions.

Driver App

For drivers, these specially designed mobile apps help them to earn additional income by picking up passengers using the taxi apps. Managing the bookings done by registered passengers through reliable mobile apps is instantly passed on to drivers in nearby areas. The exclusive driver mobile apps are used for handling ride requests depending on the convenience and availability of the drivers. Registered drivers can pick up riders from the specified location at the stipulated time. GPS navigation system enables the driver to leave the passenger at the required destination with the driver closing the trip.

Passenger App

On the other hand, passenger apps help passengers to book trips whenever they are in need of a taxi with automated payments for a safe stress-free ride. The Admin panel can track the location and get live monitoring of the rides through the GPS enabled systems.When a passenger requests for a ride, the driver is instantly notified and it is up to him to accept or reject the request after reviewing the customers rating.

Other Features Of Our Online Travel Solutions Software

Automatic generation of fare and payments to the drivers account on a weekly basis. Other features like easy registration and login facility, Email or mobile verification for security reasons, the driver going Online or Offline, and even cancellation of the trip by the driver are all provided for in the app.Dependable mobile apps for passengers can help to obtain services of drivers by screening the registration of users and authentication of one-time payment using either credit card or PayPal for future payments. Such convenient apps can allow the rider to locate themselves on the map setting the destination along with an automated estimation of fare including payment facility. Furthermore, facilities for rating the driver as well as the travel experience are also provided for in the apps. Passenger apps are available both on iOS and Android with solid ID verification.The Advantages of using Mobile Apps for Taxi Business

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