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The best way to attract customers to a business is by making them feel comfortable. The same logic applies to a taxi business. If your taxi business needs to gather more customers, the taxi app must be passenger-friendly.

How To Revamp Your Taxi App Post COVID-19

January 20, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic hit almost all businesses hard, even the ride, hailing industry. However, the industry is now gradually standing on its feet once again. In fact, predictions show that the industry will attain a growth of up to 55.9% and experts expect the market revenue to hit 120 million USD in 2021 from 76 million USD in 2020. Service providers are now coming up with new enhancements to ensure maximum safety for both passengers and drivers.Now, is the time to start your get back into the ride-hailing business. With proper planning and execution, you can achieve significant business growth in a short span. Let us have a look at the best strategies to follow when you resume your taxi-hailing business post the pandemic.

Efficient Market Analysis

The first step of getting back into the taxi-hailing business is having a clear picture of the target market. The scenario and the mobility protocol is way different in the pre and post COVID-19 world. The transport restrictions and relaxations post the pandemic vary according to the demographic zones and the rules imposed by governments. You need to understand the legal terms of a region and the mindset of the potential customers. By keeping in mind these results and laws, you will be able to provide them with the best travel options while catering to their individual needs.

Create A COVID-19 Checklist

One of the primary defences against the COVID-19 pandemic is wearing a face mask and constantly sanitizing your hands. Ask your drivers to upload a selfie from the driver app before accepting rides to ensure that they have their face masks on and ask them to keep a hand sanitizer in the cab. It is vital to provide a health checklist in the driver app to ensure that your drivers are in good health and maintain workplace hygiene.If a driver or a passenger shows symptoms of COVID-19, other travellers are under high risk. Let your customers and drivers cancel rides without bearing a penalty for then. This helps in creating a safer environment for travel, which is essential for your business growth.

Go Glocal

Your customers may belong to various locations and speakers of another language. Provide them with multi-lingual support. Integrate a multilingual support system on your taxi app. Also, send the customers relevant push notifications relevant to their locations. This helps you in expanding your service boundaries easily and helping the travel community during unpredictable times, irrespective of the demography.

Ratings And Reviews

Getting the feedback from your customers and drivers is equally important when you launch a new service or resume your taxi business post the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Get the ratings and reviews from them, so that you can validate if your ride-hailing business meets the market requirements and make the necessary changes.


The way we look at the taxi business has changed since the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the changing situation, the cab-hailing business needs to evolve. Wondering how a white-label taxi app can help your cab business? Say hi for free consulting.

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