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The best way to attract customers to a business is by making them feel comfortable. The same logic applies to a taxi business. If your taxi business needs to gather more customers, the taxi app must be passenger-friendly.

The Advantages of using Mobile Apps for Taxi Business

September 26, 2016
Taxi apps used by TaxiOnTheGo are presently becoming an essential element when it comes to hiring a taxi. These mobile apps for the taxi business were first seen in the UK but it has now made a great change in the way business is being conducted today, rather it is becoming very easy to get a taxi in the least possible time instead of waiting to spot a taxi on the road.These mobile apps used by TaxiOnTheGo benefit both the drivers and the riders in a numerous ways

Benefits for passengers:

  • One major benefit of mobile apps is the speed at which you can find a taxi by simply making a few taps on your mobile screen. The best part is that instead of waiting on the road to flag down a taxi, this is all done by the taxi app. It will automatically notify the nearest free taxi in your area giving it instructions to reach you using your GPS
  • It is a common practice for normal taxis to refuse passengers in case they do not want to go to a particular location. On the other hand cabs running under the taxi app services cannot refuse any passenger, as drivers doing so can be penalized.
  • There is an app in the taxi app development services that integrate debit cards, credit cards and bank accounts. Money can be directly charged from the debit or credit cards or the apps wallet options. Cash transactions can be eliminated and passengers can leave the taxi without any cash payments

Benefits for Drivers:

  • Drivers using taxi apps also benefit just like passengers. The drivers do not need to waste time looking for passengers rather they can get instant bookings if they are in the vicinity of the passenger. The app gets in touch with them and they simply have to follow the coordinates to pick up the customer
  • Cashless transactions enable the driver to drive around without carrying cash so this reduces the risk of thefts considerably. Such cashless transactions allow the money to be credited to the driver’s account automatically.
  • Drivers using taxi apps can log in and log out whenever they wish. This provides greater flexibility in selecting their work timings as per their needs. This increase productivity in the long run. Drivers can even earn more money as they can make more trips per hour with this app.

Benefits for the Taxi Business

  • Taxi apps have a rating system whereby a passenger can rate a driver and vice versa. You can track down incompetent drivers or unruly passengers in this way and issue warnings accordingly.
  • Google Map and GPS navigation is used by Taxi apps to keep track of all taxis in its fleet. Location and real time with all details of the passengers can be tracked in case of an emergency.
  • Mobile app usage is at a record high where people around the world are learning the ways of smart phones and downloading such taxi apps for free. Taxi apps will thus form loyalty among its users.

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